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Environmental/Safety Oversight (EOS)

The Goal of our EOS program is to establish a partnering relationship between JEI and our EOS clients aimed toward monitoring and maintain compliance with federal, state, and local environmental and safety regulations affecting their facilities.  The basic components of our EOS program include:

  1. Conduct initial base-line environmental/safety audit to identify your company’s regulatory compliance status (i.e. what EPA/OSHA regulations apply to your facility and are you in compliance)
  2. Correct compliance deficiencies identified during the initial audit
  3. Provide annual services (reporting, training, inspections, recordkeeping, prepare/update EHS programs, auditing)

Environmental Health and Safety

EPA and OSHA enforce over 24 major regulations that may impact your company, and that doesn’t include state and local requirements. JEI assists our clients identify those regulations that apply to them and then prepare, implement, and maintain environmental and safety programs to ensure their company attains and remains in regulatory compliance. We help you with EHS programs preparation, reporting, permitting, training and other needs you may have. Some environmental/safety regulations affecting industry include:

EPA – Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) – Hazardous Waste

OSHA – In Plant Air Quality Standards

EPA – SARA Title III Hazardous Chemicals (Tier II, Form R) OSHA – Lockout/Tagout Regulations (LO/TO)
EPA – Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program OSHA – Confined Space Regulation (CSE)
EPA – Clean Water Act (CWA) – Wastewater OSHA - HAZWOPER Regulations
EPA – Clean Air Act (CAA) – Air Pollution OSHA – Lab Safety Plan (LS)
EPA – Stormwater Discharge Regulations (SW) OSHA – Respiratory Maintenance Program (RMP)
EPA – Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan (SPCC) – Oil Storage OSHA – Process Safety Management Regulations (PSM)
EPA – Used Oil Management Regulations (UOM) OSHA – Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (BBP)
EPA – Vapor Degreaser Regulation OSHA – Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
EPA – Universal Wastes Regulation OSHA – Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
EPA – CFC Regulation OSHA – Forklift Operation Regulation
EPA – Asbestos Regulation OSHA – Hazard Communication Standard (HCS, Right-To Know)
EPA – Risk Management Regulation OSHA – Overhead Crane Operation Regulation
State – Residual Waste Regulations OSHA – Hearing Conservation Porgram
State – Solid Waste, Wastewater, & Air Pollution Regulations
Local Municipal Sewer Use Regulations